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A lawyer's assistance in the legal process can be different depending on the client's needs. There are categories of cases where the client only needs consultation, for example, this mainly applies to divorce cases. It is enough for the client to receive qualified answers, where and which documents to submit, and the lawsuits for divorce are standardized. Other clients need help at the stage of submitting documents to the court - their case has specifics, so standard statements of claim can be used, but they must be revised taking into account the specifics of a specific case. Such cases can be the same divorce cases, but in the presence of a dispute between spouses regarding property or the place of residence of children, or cases of establishing legal facts, etc. The third option for the lawyer's participation in the legal process is his direct participation in court sessions, and not only assistance with the preparation of documents for submission.

The third option is representation of a lawyer in court. Categories of cases that have significant complexity and are considered by the court with the summons of the parties are usually recommended to be considered with the participation of a lawyer, especially if the dispute between the parties to the process has radically opposite vectors.

The participation of a lawyer in court sessions is also important because the court works exclusively in accordance with certain rules and procedures provided for by procedural legislation. You can't make a "mess" in court and simply defend your position, as it can be in state bodies. Court hearings have their own "rules" and non-compliance with them can be costly in the end for those of the participants who do not follow them. Of course, the average citizen cannot know all the nuances of procedural legislation, which is why there is an institute of judicial representation, where lawyers act as representatives. Moreover, the presence of a lawyer can be both next to you at the meeting to provide advice and help in the process, and without your participation, the lawyer can appear in court, speak and submit petitions on your behalf.

Lawyers of ENWOLT will provide quality representation in courts and processes of any complexity. With us, you will be sure that you have reliable support.

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