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Identity verification is an administrative or judicial procedure to identify a person by bringing witnesses. The administrative procedure for identification is carried out by the territorial bodies of the migration service in the following cases:
- obtaining a passport for the first time after reaching the age of 18
- loss of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine, in the absence of documents necessary for its restoration
- replacement or renewal of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for persons whose passports were issued in the occupied territories, Donetsk, Luhansk regions or in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, if they do not have other documents with a photo (foreign passport, driver's license, military identity card).
The judicial procedure for the identity verification is carried out in cases where it was not possible to establish the identity of the applicant within the framework of the administrative procedure.
Each life situation that may require the identification procedure is individual, therefore the list of required documents may differ. Documents confirming the registration of the place of residence, documents on education, certificates from the places of study and work, birth certificates of children, marriage or divorce, employment records can be added to the list.


In fact, the procedure for establishing an identity is very similar to the usual procedure for issuing a passport. The migration service department will scan your documents, take photos, and take your fingerprints. Everything is the same as for the usual passport registration. Next, your documents are sent for verification. When the checks are done, you need to visit the department again with your witnesses. Witnesses must provide original passports and documents confirming their relationship to you. Among 3-4 photos of people similar to you, they must identify you and certify their choice by signing the identity document. After the act is signed by all witnesses, the package of documents is sent to a higher authority for approval. It is the head office that decides on identification, after which the passport is printed and prepared for issuance.


The legislation defines the time limits for carrying out the procedure of identity verification - 2 months. In practice, such cases are examined for about 2.5 - 3 months.
Identity verification is one of the most difficult procedures in the field of migration law, which is difficult for an average citizen to understand without knowledge of the law and the practice of its application. The lawyers of the "ENWOLT" legal association will help you to simplify all the difficulties of establishing an identity, help you choose the necessary documents and witnesses, and assess the risks and chances of a positive solution to the situation.

Necessary documents
# Document Provided by the client We are preparing

Birth Certificate

Provided by the client

Domestic passports of persons who will act as witnesses (1-3 persons who are relatives or neighbors)

Provided by the client

Documents confirming family relationships with witnesses

Provided by the client

Photos 3.5 x 4.5 (4 pieces)

Provided by the client


We are preparing

Other documents available (educational documents, copies of lost passports, residency registration, military identity card, driver's license, identification code, employment record, etc.)

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Identification | Assistance in obtaining

Identification of the person. Procedure of identification

Identification is a legal process that involves various aspects and factors of determining a person's personal identity. For example, it is necessary to recover lost or stolen documents, identify heirs, resolve legal or medical issues, etc. The purpose of the identification procedure is to obtain legal grounds for issuing/restoring a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

When is the procedure of identification required? Timeframe for identification procedure 

In order to obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, the following persons need to undergo the procedure of identification 

  • persons who are 18 years old and receive a passport for the first time;
  • persons who have lost their passport and do not have documents on the basis of which it can be restored;
  • persons who received a passport in the occupied territories of Ukraine (in particular, in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts or the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) and do not have documents with a photo (foreign passport, driver's license, military ID) on the basis of which a passport can be replaced/restored.

Identification may also be required to provide medical care or address other issues related to the treatment and preservation of the life of a person in serious condition and without documents.
If the administrative procedure fails to establish the applicant's identity, a judicial procedure for establishing the identity is carried out.

Who can help with the identification procedure?

Identification is a complicated, multi-step process. If the applicant is not familiar with migration law and its application, it will be difficult to understand.
If you want to get professional help and save time, the lawyers of ENWOLT are ready to provide advice and support in preparing the necessary documents and selecting witnesses so that you get the green light to obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

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