Determine if you need an Apostille / Legalization for a specific country:
Апостиль / Легалізація
An apostille is required (since 11.01.24)

The apostille is a unified stamp of the authorized bodies of the state on its official documents, the presence of which makes this document valid on the territory of all countries participating in the Hague Convention. When affixing the apostille to a document, 2 details are checked: the signature of the authorized person and the seal of the body. If at least one of these details does not correspond to the registered sample or is missing in the document, the affixing of the apostille will be refused.


The apostille is affixed to any official documents of state bodies, notary bodies and courts. At the same time, the documents must be properly executed for their certification by the apostille and correspond to the state sample. The apostille cannot be affixed to documents of private organizations and institutions, documents issued outside of Ukraine, official letters or notices.


Depending on the type of document, there are 3 bodies that affix the apostille in Ukraine:





Аffixes the apostille to documents about education: diploma, certificate, archival and academic certificate, report card, etc.

Аffixes the apostille to documents issued by Civil Status Registration authorities, notaries and courts: birth/marriage certificates, powers of attorney, translations, agreements, court decisions.

Аffixes the apostille to documents issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs (police clearance certificate).

Affixes an apostille on documents issued by state tax authorities (tax resident certificate, income certificate, certificate of absence of debt).  


Any official document issued by the authorized bodies of Ukraine can be used in other countries under the following conditions:

Countries that have signed bilateral agreements with Ukraine on legal assistance in the legalization of documents

Countries that have signed and ratified the Hague Convention on Simplifying Legalization of Documents

Countries that do not have bilateral agreements with Ukraine and have not ratified the Hague Convention

Do not require additional stamps and seals of ministries or consulates and can be used in the form in which they are issued by a state body Documents intended for use in these countries are affixed with one unified stamp, i.e. the apostille Documents intended for use in these countries undergo the procedure of full consular legalization

The countries of this category include, in particular:

- Poland

- Azerbaijan

- Armenia

- Bulgaria

- Kazakhstan

The countries of this category include, in particular:


- United Kingdom

- most European countries

- India

- Israel

- Belarus

The countries of this category include, in particular:

- Canada

- United Arab Emirates

- Lebanon

- Qatar

- Pakistan

- Tunisia

You can check whether you need the apostille for a specific country using our online resource absolutely free of charge.

Also, for some countries, as, for example, Italy, a double apostille procedure shall be carried out. This is due to the fact that the official bodies of Italy accept only a sworn translation, i.e. a translation certified by translators of the Italian Embassy in Ukraine. If the translation is certified by a Ukrainian notary, the official authorities of Italy need to confirm the authenticity of the signature and seal of the notary who has certified the translation by affixing the apostille to the translation. This procedure is called “double apostille”, as it involves both the apostillation of the original document itself and the affixing of the apostille to its translation.


Apostille to the Certificate on Place of Residence Registration. If you need to affix the apostille to the Certificate on Place of Residence Registration, the main requirement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that this Certificate shall conform to the sample established by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, contain a mandatory corner stamp with the number and date of the document and must be signed not by an administrator of a Center for Providing Administrative Services, but directly by a Head of a State Registration Department.

Apostille to the Extract from the Unified State Register on Ownership Right/ on Registration of a Limited Liability Company or an Individual Entrepreneur. Since such documents are currently issued by state registrars with a bar code and without the obligatory affixing of a seal and signature, it is impossible to affix the apostille to the original Extract. Thus for such a document, the apostille is affixed to either its notarized copy or by making a notary affidavit.

Apostille to the USSR Certificates. If a Birth/Marriage/Divorce/Death/Name Change Certificate has been issued before 24.08.991 on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR, it is impossible to affix the apostille to the original Certificate. Such a document can be apostilled only through a notarized copy. If you still need an apostille for the original certificate, you shall demand and obtain a new sample Certificate and affix the apostille to the new sample Certificate. It is important to note that documents issued in other Republics of the former USSR are not apostilled in Ukraine even through their notarized copy.

Apostille to the Diploma (apostille to the Certificate of General Secondary Education) issued in Donetsk, Luhansk or Crimea. If your document has been issued before 2014 in the form of a plastic card, there are no problems with the apostillation of such a Diploma. If the document is of an old sample, such Diplomas are accepted for the apostille affixing upon request, that is, a request to the educational institution having issued it. Since the majority of educational institutions located in the occupied part of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and in Crimea do not function according to the legislation of Ukraine, it is impossible to send the request. Taking into account these provisions, the Ministry of Education issues a certificate of the 1st category of complexity, which is equivalent to the apostille, instead of affixing the apostille to such documents.

Apostille to the Police Clearance Certificate. The Police Clearance Certificate can be obtained directly through the Ministry of Internal Affairs or in a Service Center. At the same time, in the Service Centers, there is often a practice to affix signature to the Certificate not by the Head of the Center, but by its Administrator. The apostille to the Police Clearance Certificate, signed by the Administrator of the Service Center, can be affixed only upon request, i.e. not earlier than 20 working days.

Apostille to the Birth/Marriage Certificates of the sample valid during the period of 1991-2009. Such certificates are also considered old-sample documents, as they are executed on outdated forms. This includes Certificates in the form of booklets and later types of the forms. It is impossible to affix the apostille to the original of such a Certificate even through its notarized copy. You shall obligatory get a duplicate Certificate of the new sample.

Apostille to the laminated documents. If your document is laminated (first of all, it concerns Birth and Marriage Certificates), affixing the apostille to such a document is possible only after its delaminating or obtaining a duplicate of the document. This rule does not apply to the apostille affixing to the educational documents.

Apostille to the documents issued by non-governmental institutions. If you need to affix the apostille to the bank statement, agreement, medical certificate executed upon an unknown sample or issued by a private clinic, first of all you need to make a notarized affidavit of this document. After that, affixing the apostille becomes possible.

Lawyers of the Legal Association “ENWOLT” know a lot of nuances about apostille and the apostillation procedure, as they have a great experience in affixing the apostille to documents. If you need the apostille and don't know where to start, we will be glad to help you!

Prices and terms
Apostille in the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Execution period 3 working days
1000 UAH

*apostille to the Police Clearance Certificate

Apostille in the Ministry of Justice
Execution period 1 working day
3800 UAH
Execution period 3-5 working days
1550 UAH

* apostille to the Birth/Marriage Certificates, Court Judgment, Power of Attorney

The procedure and the possibility of urgent affixing the apostille, please check with our lawyers.

Apostille in the Ministry of Education
Execution period 1 working day
2300 UAH
Execution period 2 working days
1900 UAH
Execution period 10 working days
1500 UAH
Upon the request of 20 working days (for old-sample documents and certificates)
1950 UAH

* apostille to the Diploma, Certificate of General Secondary Education, Academic Certificate

Apostille in the tax service
Execution period 10 working days
1800 грн

* apostille certificate of tax resident status

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Apostille for documents in Ukraine

Apostille on documents. Apostille urgently

An apostille is an international confirmation that ensures the legalization of documents for use outside the country in which they were issued. In fact, it is a special unified stamp of the authorized bodies of the state on its official documents. 
If necessary, you can obtain an apostille for a birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, and other documents issued by the registry office, courts, and notaries.
You can also order an apostille for documents of other categories. These can be diplomas, academic transcripts, visas, and other official papers that have legal force and are issued exclusively by government agencies. An apostille makes a document valid in the territory of the countries that are parties to the Hague Convention. 

Where to get an apostille for documents?

To obtain an apostille for documents, the applicant must apply to the competent authorities authorized to issue such confirmation. In Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Education are responsible for apostille legalization of documents.
The stamp is affixed to the original or a notarized copy of the document that requires legalization. In other words, the apostille confirms the authenticity of the document and is the basis for the fact that the document was accepted by government agencies, academic institutions, employers and other organizations abroad without additional formalities.

Apostille of a birth certificate. Apostille on documents. Apostille of a certificate of no criminal record

If you do not have time to complete the procedure and you want to get an apostille urgently, please contact the lawyers of ENVOLT for assistance. 
If you have any questions about the legalization of official documents, if you need an apostille (Kyiv) of a document that can be used in other countries, order a consultation with our specialists.

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