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The passport of a citizen of Ukraine is the main, although not the only, document that certifies the identity of a citizen and establishes his/her membership in the citizenship of Ukraine. Children after reaching the age of 14 can receive a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the first time, as well as foreigners who have acquired citizenship of Ukraine and non-resident citizens of Ukraine who have completed the procedure of return from the PPR.


Passport of Ukraine 2022 is a plastic ID card, on the surface of which the following information is printed: last name, first name and patronymic of the passport holder with transliteration into Latin, date of birth, place of birth, date of issue and date of expiration of the passport, authority of issuance, the identification code of the taxpayer, as well as such a specific element as the UNZR number and a machine-readable tape. The UNZR number is a unique registration number in the State Demographic Register and is the same for all personal documents issued by the Demographic Register (currently for ID cards and foreign passports).
The ID card is not some separate specific document, the ID card is a full-fledged passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the sense of the law, only in a different appearance. The ID card contains the same information about a person as a paper passport and does not currently have any legal drawbacks in its use.


The passport of a citizen of Ukraine is issued for the first time only according to the regulatory procedure in 20 working days.
The legislation does not allow and does not provide for such a technical possibility to urgently obtain a passport at the age of 14.


According to the law, you can get the first passport of a citizen of Ukraine only at the place of registration. However, with the introduction of quarantine, this rule was changed and from now on, for the first time, you can receive a passport anywhere, regardless of residence. For example, if a child is registered in Kharkiv city, he/she can get a Ukrainian passport in Kyiv city. However, to confirm the place of registration, which will be entered in the passport, it will be necessary to provide a certificate of registration Form 13, which can be obtained only at the place of registration. If you are registered in the regions of Ukraine, but want to receive a passport in Kyiv, our lawyers will be happy to help you collect all the necessary documents and certificates.


Today, the passport of a citizen of Ukraine has a new model - ID card, however, passports of the old model still do not lose their legal force. The first passport cannot now be obtained in the form of a booklet, except in cases where a person receives a court decision, which provides for such a possibility. Although citizens cannot currently choose what type of passport to get - an ID card or a booklet, most people still ask questions about the advantages and disadvantages of the new passports.

In our subjective opinion, the following advantages of the ID card can be distinguished:

  • higher protection of ID card against forgeries;
  • the possibility to have an electronic passport in DIIA application;
  • the possibility of using many services that require authorization, which can be done using an ID card;
  • low wear and tear of the document, compared to a paper booklet;
  • the possibility of mobile verification of the validity of the document with the help of special conditions;
  • ease of restoring the document in case of its loss, theft or damage;
  • the possibility to enter an electronic digital signature in the ID card;
  • the presence of the tax number number on the ID card.

Disadvantages of the ID card

Of course, you can also find disadvantages of using ID cards, but in our opinion, they are less significant:

  • the small size of the document, which contributes to its frequent losses;
  • temporary inability to read the chip by any body or organization and, as a result, the need to obtain a separate document - a certificate of residence registration;
  • the ID card is valid for 4 years for persons under 18 or 10 years for all other persons. In this way, the ID card will need to be replaced with age more often than pasting photos into a paper passport;
  • higher cost of ID card.

The "ENWOLT" legal association lawyers remind you that you can get an ID card from the age of 14, so do not delay until you are 16 or even 18 years old, contact us, we will gladly advise you and help you prepare all the necessary documents.

Necessary documents
# Document Provided by the client We are preparing

Child's birth certificate

Provided by the client

Domestic passports of parents

Provided by the client

Identification code (if available)

We are preparing

Certificate of residence registration

We are preparing

Foreign passport (if available)

Provided by the client
# Document Provided by the client We are preparing

Apostille / legalization of the birth certificate (if the child was born outside of Ukraine)

Provided by the client

Certificate confirming Ukrainian citizenship (if one of the child's parents is a foreigner)

We are preparing

Document on change of last names / first names of parents (in case of discrepancy of last / first names in the birth certificate and current passport)

Provided by the client
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Obtaining a passport for the first time | Assistance in obtaining

Obtaining a passport for the first time. Obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the first time

A passport is the main identification document containing a person's personal data and photograph.
Today, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine issued for the first time is a plastic ID card with a contactless electronic medium. The surface of the biometric passport contains personal information, namely 

  • surname, first name and patronymic of the passport holder (with transliteration in Latin)
  • date and place of birth;
  • date of issue and expiration date of the document;
  • name of the issuing authority;
  • taxpayer registration number (the so-called identification code);
  • UNR number (unique registration number in the State Demographic Register);
  • a special machine-readable tape with three security levels of authentication.

Who can get a passport for the first time? Term of issuance of a passport for the first time

A passport of a citizen of Ukraine can be obtained for the first time

  • every person who has Ukrainian citizenship and has reached the age of 14 
  • Citizens of Ukraine who are non-residents but have completed the procedure for returning from permanent residence
  • foreigners who have acquired Ukrainian citizenship.

How to get a passport for the first time at the age of 14? Stages of obtaining a passport for the first time

Obtaining a passport at the age of 14 is a global practice of documenting citizens who acquire partial legal capacity.
Citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of 14 can obtain a biometric passport in the form of an ID card. The document contains not only personal data but also an identification code. 
This passport is valid for 4 years.
A biometric passport is a mandatory document for traveling outside Ukraine and performing other legal actions and transactions.

Where can I get a biometric passport? How to get a biometric passport

To obtain a biometric passport with an identification code, you must first contact the Taxpayer Service Center and apply for a taxpayer number.
After receiving the identification code, apply to an authorized institution for a passport. You can get this service at a department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, one of the authorized Passport Service centers or an ASC that provides passport services.
In order to obtain a passport for the first time, a person must submit an application, provide the necessary documents (mostly a birth certificate, identification number, certificate of citizenship) and undergo a fingerprint scanning and photographing procedure for a biometric passport.
The period for issuing a passport for the first time usually takes up to 20 business days from the date of submission of all required documents.
If you want to find out what documents are required for an ID-card and other additional information on this issue, the lawyers of ENVOLT Law Firm are ready to provide advice and help you obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine as soon as possible.

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