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Lawyer's complaint is one of the ways to protect the client's rights in an administrative procedure. Usually, an administrative complaint is always preceded by a lawyer's request. And here's why. Migration law is very multifaceted and many bodies are involved in the consideration of certain administrative cases. These include the migration service and the security service, Interpol, the police, the employment service, etc. All these bodies can give their recommendations and answers to inquiries about a specific person. If any of the bodies involved in the consideration of the migration case did not give their "disapproving" recommendation, it is likely that the final decision for the person will be negative. At the same time, the decision to refuse to issue a permit, for example, is usually quite formulaic, it is practically impossible to understand at which stage of the inspections the same negative feedback was received. This is what we exist for.

Our attorneys, having extensive experience in dealing with similar cases, know that the first thing to do is to find out the reason for the denial of the passport/citizenship/immigration permit. The reasons are very different and, of course, it is not always the fault of the state authorities. Sometimes a person can carelessly submit a document with an error, typo or not add what should have been added. But based on practice, refusals are usually "formal", that is, those that could be avoided if at a certain stage of the inspection there was a will and desire to understand before writing a refusal. It is in such cases that a lawyer's complaint will come in handy.

How convenient is the option of renewing your rights by filing a lawyer's appeal against the refusal to issue a passport/citizenship/immigration permit? First of all, because this option is faster and more economical. Usually, a lawyer's complaint is considered no longer than 1 month, and if you choose a reliable lawyer, you will be 99% sure that you will get the desired result in a month. This option is more economical because you do not need to re-collect documents, translate and certify them, pay state duties for re-submission of documents. In addition, sometimes the law expressly prohibits resubmission earlier than 1 year after receiving the rejection. In such cases, this is an effective solution.

In case of receiving a positive decision on consideration of the lawyer's complaint, your case resumes from the moment it was stopped and you get the desired result.

Lawyers of ENWOLT will help you appeal the decision of action or inaction of the authorities, if you are sure that your rights have been violated, and will also help you analyze all options for struggle. Contact us, we will be happy to help!

Necessary documents
# Document Provided by the client We are preparing

Passport document of the applicant (passport of a foreigner, residence permit, passport of a citizen of Ukraine)

Provided by the client

Decision of the body on refusal to issue a permit (if available)

Provided by the client

Documents attached to the case about obtaining a passport / citizenship

Provided by the client

Documents refuting the facts given in the decision on refusal to issue a passport / citizenship

Provided by the client

Agreement on representation of interests by a lawyer

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We are preparing
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