Issuance of duplicate documents

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Almost any document that has been lost can be recovered. This section mainly concerns the restoration of documents issued by the RACS bodies (restoration of a birth certificate, renewal of a marriage certificate, renewal of a divorce certificate, renewal of a name change certificate, renewal of a death certificate, etc.), as well as restoration of the court decision (obtaining a duplicate of the court decision on divorce, etc.).

The peculiarity of the procedure for restoring documents through a lawyer is that after signing the contract for the representation of interests by a lawyer, your participation in the procedures for restoring the certificate or restoring the court decision is not required, the lawyer will do everything independently. Thus, if you have your own lawyer (in this case, it should be emphasized that it is a lawyer, not a lawyer or a representative by proxy), you can receive legal services, including restoring certificates or court decisions, even while staying abroad. This is extremely convenient for those citizens who live abroad on a permanent basis and from time to time need to update or restore certain documents in order to go through the procedures for obtaining a PMP or citizenship of other countries.

In this context, it is necessary to clarify the difference between obtaining a duplicate certificate or court decision by a representative and obtaining a duplicate certificate by a lawyer. No person who is not related to the applicant has the right to receive documents on his behalf without the applicant's permission. Even the circle of relatives who have the right to ask the applicant for certain documents is quite limited (usually it concerns parents and children). Therefore, if you are faced with the task of updating your birth certificate or renewing your marriage certificate, you are abroad and you do not have close relatives in Ukraine, you should think about who to turn to - a lawyer or a lawyer. A lawyer is a person who is authorized to represent your interests in authorities and obtain a birth/marriage/divorce/court decision only if you have a special document from you - a power of attorney. At the same time, the power of attorney must be official in nature, that is, it must be notarized. If you are outside Ukraine, in addition to notarizing your signature at a local notary, the power of attorney itself (depending on the country you are in) must be apostilled or legalized and translated into Ukrainian. Only after completing these procedures, you hand over the power of attorney to your representative in Ukraine and he can start performing the powers you have given him. In addition, there are no so-called "general powers of attorney" in Ukraine, which provided for unlimited powers of the representative. If you authorize a representative to obtain a birth certificate on your behalf, then the power of attorney must contain the information "representation in the authorities of the Russian Civil Service for obtaining a second birth certificate". If you also need to receive a duplicate of the court decision on divorce, and the powers of representation in court are not provided by a power of attorney - your representative will not be able to receive a duplicate of the court decision. Another nuance of the representation of interests by power of attorney is the validity period of the power of attorney. If the validity period of the power of attorney has expired, you need to go through the entire procedure of issuing and verifying the power of attorney again.

Working with a lawyer is much more uniform. First, you can sign a contract with a lawyer for an indefinite period and for a wide range of powers. Secondly, the process of signing a contract for the representation of interests by a lawyer is quite flexible: you can do it in advance while staying in Ukraine and use the services only later, or you can sign a contract with a lawyer using modern electronic document management services while staying abroad. The procedure does not require apostillation or legalization, as well as the forwarding of paper copies of the contract.

With the help of a lawyer, you can obtain practically any documents, except for those that are of the nature of personal documents (that is, it does not apply to obtaining a passport, driver's license, identity card seaman) or documents, the receipt of which is provided by law only in person (emigrant certificate, etc.).

Lawyers and advocates of JSC "ENWOLT" will advise you on how you can obtain a birth certificate, restore a marriage certificate, renew a divorce certificate or obtain a duplicate of a court decision while abroad.

Necessary documents
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Passport of the applicant (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, international passport, foreign passport)

Provided by the client

Identification code of the applicant (if available)

Provided by the client

Documents confirming the change of surname / first name

Provided by the client

Documents confirming family relationships (if the applicant receives a document for a relative)

Provided by the client

Agreement on the representation of interests by a lawyer

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We are preparing

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