The identification procedure is carried out in the following cases:

- issuing a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the first time upon reaching the age of 18, in the absence of a previously issued foreign passport;

- issuing a passport in the form of an ID card on the basis of a passport-book that was issued in the non-controlled or occupied territory of Ukraine, provided that the person does not have other documents with a photo.

The procedure for establishing an identity in the administrative order, that is, in the subdivisions of the State Security Service, is not complicated, the complexity has always necessitated the personal presence of witnesses who are involved in establishing the identity.

So, if we do not go into technical details, on the part of the applicant, the identification looks like this:

1. Submission of documents by the applicant. Here it is worth noting that according to the legislation, documents for identification are accepted exclusively by the territorial unit of the State Internal Revenue Service, and the applicant submits the documents personally. With the spread of information about the possibility of conducting identity verification via video conference, people have a misconception that documents for such a procedure can be submitted via video or to the foreign branch of the State Department of Documents. This is not the case today.

2. Attracting witnesses and preparing an act of identification. It was at this stage that video communication became possible. Resolution No. 1220 of the CMU dated October 28, 2022 expanded the list of persons who can act as witnesses in the process of establishing an identity (these can now be ex-husbands and wives or other close relatives). From now on, if witnesses are not able to attend the identification in person, they can be involved by video conference. At the same time, the applicant must be present in person. Documents confirming the identity of the witness and confirming the relationship with the applicant are presented by the witness in real time, and their copies are sent to the departmental e-mail address of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

3. Obtaining a passport. Usually, the procedure for establishing an identity lasts no more than 2 months, and if the identity of the applicant has been established, the result of this procedure is the issuance of a passport.

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