Law of Ukraine No. 2623-IX dated September 21, 2022 made significant changes to the scope of employment of foreigners, in particular, these changes concern:

1. Such a category of employees as the final beneficial owners - founders of the company - has disappeared. Accordingly, foreigners who create a business in Ukraine and will be directly involved in the activities of the LLC receive a work permit as an ordinary employee.

2. From now on, a work permit can be issued for 2 years and for 1 year for all categories of workers.

3. Now there is no special minimum wage rate for foreigners (previously, the minimum wage of a foreign worker was 10 minimum wage for Ukrainian citizens). Thus, a foreigner can receive the minimum wage in the same amount as a citizen of Ukraine.

4. From now on, the receipt for the payment of the state fee for the issuance or extension of a work permit is submitted simultaneously with the submission of documents to the Employment Center, not after a positive decision of the Center. If the Employment Center refuses to issue or extend a work permit, the paid funds can be returned by submitting an additional application.

5. Employees who are citizens of the russian Federation and Belarus are issued work permits only after approval of document by the Security Office of Ukraine.

These changes come into force on October 15, 2022.

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