Sooner or later, almost all of us are faced with the need to make a duplicate birth certificate, duplicate marriage certificate, duplicate divorce certificate, duplicate name change certificate, duplicate death certificate. The need to obtain a new certificate arises due to the fact that the sample documents are constantly updated, and in order to put an apostille on the certificate, it is necessary to obtain the certificate of a new sample, or simply because the certificate was lost and there was a need to restore the certificate. In general, the process of requesting duplicates of RACS documents is not complicated, but there are a number of points that in practice may seem strange and incomprehensible to an average citizen who has never encountered receiving duplicates.

Duplicate certificates are issued on the basis of act records, not previous certificates. Accordingly, a situation may arise when the new certificate does not contain the data that was specified in the previous one. For example, in the 1940s and 1960s, information about the place of birth and paternal name was often not included in the act records, although this information was entered in the old sample certificates. Therefore, a duplicate birth certificate of the 40s-60s may not contain such data. Here is an example of a birth certificate that does not contain this information:

  • свідоцтво


  • Duplicate certificates of the Soviet model and the model of the 90s may have differences in the spelling of surnames and names. The fact is that in those days, deed records were written in Russian. Subsequently, these act records were translated into Ukrainian, while the translation could be inconsistent with the passport data of the person. For example, it can be with such names as Yevhen-Yugenii, Anna-Hanna, Alyona-Olena, as well as variations of the letters I-I in surnames. And based on the previous point, the duplicate will be issued exactly as indicated in the act record. In order to bring the documents into line, you need to complete the procedure for making changes to the act record. You can check with our lawyers how exactly the procedure for making changes to the deed record works, and therefore how to change the data in the birth certificate.
    Sometimes, even if the applicant has an original certificate of the old type in the registry of the State Administrative Service, a legal record of the issuance of a particular certificate may be missing. Usually, this situation occurs with post-war documents, since the deed records at that time were not digitized and were simply entries in registration books. Accordingly, during digitization, such deed records could be "destroyed" taking into account the human factor. In such a case, it is necessary to restore the act record through the National Register of Citizens, in which the certificate was issued (if the original of the old certificate is available) or to establish the fact of birth in court (in the absence of the original of the certificate). You can get advice on restoring a birth certificate or any other certificate from our lawyers.
    In order to obtain a duplicate birth certificate, it is mandatory to provide copies of the documents on the basis of which surname/name changes were made, in case the person changed the surname (as a result of marriage, divorce, adoption, recognition of paternity or at his own request). If at least one change of surname or first name is not registered, i.e. there is no corresponding deed record, it is necessary to first of all enter the deed record of the change of surname into the register.
    In general, it is quite simple to issue a duplicate certificate, considering that recently even DIA has offered such a service as "getting a certificate again". However, when problems arise when obtaining a duplicate certificate, it is usually impossible to figure it out without a lawyer or a lawyer. JU ENWOLT guarantees high-quality consultation on all aspects of requesting duplicate certificates, as well as maximum assistance in solving problems with minimal client involvement.

    You can find out more detailed information at the link Requesting duplicate documents.


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